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Firestopping is an essential part of building safety, preventing the spread of fire and smoke through penetrations and joints in walls and floors. But the work doesn’t stop once the firestopping materials are installed. Two critical stages that follow installation are Reporting and Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

Reporting in Firestopping

Reporting plays a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness of the firestopping process. Firestop inspection reports provided by us will detail the project name/number, our details, and other relevant information such as the Ope/Aperture reference as per the Builderswork Elevation Drawings. A comprehensive report helps track the status of firestopping installations and ensures they comply with all relevant standards.

A daily report that isn’t easily trackable may not meet the intent of the standards. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a system in place that allows for easy tracking and management of the firestopping process, something we’ll put in place for you.

At Gerco Group we’ve developed systems for live recording that can be instantly uploaded to our internal Fire Log, third party programmes, handover tools such as BIM360 and even into a federated BIM Model.

Operations & Maintenance in Firestopping

Once the firestopping system is in place, it’s essential to maintain its integrity through diligent Operations & Maintenance (O&M). This includes regular inspections, repairs or replacements as needed, and ensuring compliance throughout the entire facility — from new construction and renovations to maintenance repair operations.

Gerco Group will supply the Operation and Maintenance manual for all items to the Project Team. This manual will include detailed instructions on how to maintain the firestopping system to ensure it continues to perform as intended. Aforementioned information can be obtained by simply scanning the QR Code at the firestop itself, saving crucial time in studying ledgers of data.

In conclusion, both Reporting and O&M are crucial stages in the firestopping process. They ensure that the firestopping systems installed continue to offer the necessary protection against fire and smoke spread, contributing to the overall safety of the building.


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