Read about Erecting Walls - both plasterboard partition and whitewall

Gerco Group will provide:

Gerco Group pride ourselves on our expertise, clear information, and customer-centric approach. Our process for supplying and installing plasterboard partitions and whitewallerecting walls in firestopping is meticulous and thorough, ensuring that our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their buildings are safe and up to code.

What we can provide

At Gerco Group, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our highly extensive range of partition and Whitewall products.

Our comprehensive range of products meet the highest specifications in the following fields:

Fire Protection
Security/Attack Resistant
Impact Resistant
Radiation/Lead Lining
Hygiene & Clean Room

Full Design Offering

Gerco Group offer a full design responsibility capability which is covered by our own PI insurance, and managed by our in house design team. With the support of our manufacturing partners, we develop design solutions which address any acoustic, fire, thermal and structural performance requirements.

Best Value Option

With an in-depth knowledge, Gerco Group can offer bespoke and alternative solutions, resulting in the client receiving cost-effective and best value options, whilst not compromising on technical requirement and quality of the product.

Whilst Drylining is perhaps the more traditional frame and cladded structure, primarily used in residencies and publicly occupied spaces, whitewall partitioning system is economic and quick to build panel system that can be laid vertically or horizontally in larger scale facilities.

It is suitable for use within temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments, typically Data Centres, Life Sciences, Cold Stores and Food Factories, all available in varying colours and finishings.

Both systems however interact equally with dependant trade installations and have to synergise with passive fire protection in the sense that opes/apertures need to be formed and lined as per manufacturers guidelines and be spaced and supported accordingly to ensure elemental structure is maintained.

Through each step of our process, we focus on delivering superior service, safety, and quality. We understand the importance of maintaining integrity in building safety, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of service


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Belgian Data Centre Phase 1&2

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