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Experience the exceptional full service management provided by Gerco Group. From Design to coordination and implementation, our highly skilled team can deliver the most exceptional of projects.

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Gerco Group provides Fire Protection and Architectural Fit Out across the UK & Europe

A fully bespoke service tailored to your requirements by either integrating into your project team or taking the lead in the following fields:

Clash Detection / BIM

In the realm of fire protection/fire compartmentation engineering, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an invaluable tool

Rules of Engagement

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance in all our operations

Builderwork Drawings

Meticulous preparation is paramount. Builderwork drawings and the precise setting out of openings and apertures play a pivotal role in this process. 

Erecting Walls Process

Our process for supplying and installing plasterboard partitions and whitewall is meticulous and thorough  ensuring that our customers enjoy peace of mind.

Implement Firestopping

With the fire compartment walls firmly established and the meticulous work of the mechanical and electrical trades completed.

Reporting & Operations

Firestopping is an essential part of building safety, preventing the spread of fire and smoke through penetrations and joints in walls and floors.

Certification​ Process

The final and perhaps most crucial part of our process is the certification of our firestopping products and fire installations.

Architectural Fit Out

Gerco Group provides high quality internal fit out to commercial spaces by engaging to understand what drives your business. By integrating design with constructability, we replicate the feel of your company, allowing it to be experienced by both internal and external stakeholders.

Projects & Case Studies


40MW Swedish Data Centre

Belgian Data Centre Phase 1&2

Belgian Data Centre Phase 3

Burness Paul

Dogger Bank Converter Stations